A Better Way To Run Your Campaign.

An all in one suite of tools to make campaign management a breeze. Co-ordinate your volunteer efforts, manage all your communications with high-impact donors, voters, constituents, and get the insights you need to run your best campaign.

Everything you need to plan and run your campaign.

Whether it's scheduling your outbound SMS campaign, an email campaign, managing your volunteer call schedule, walk-route mapping, identifying the most impactful neighborhoods to canvas, setting up your communication sequences/scripts, or quickly onboarding new volunteers, Election Assistant has you covered.

Find high potential neighborhoods by voter turnout, turnout per candidate, and more.

On top of the mapping visualizations, we provide granular detail for each polling station

Store every touchpoint with a voter, constituent, or prospective voter in once place. Keep track of communications you've sent & received, including emails, SMS messages, phone calls, survey responses, and more all in one centralized database

Use our intuitive, in-application email & SMS messaging services to get your message out, whether to entire segments of your list or hyper-targetted subsections of it. Optimize your outreach spend by sending the right message to the right audience.

The Most Powerful Campaign Management Platform Available

Modern campaigns shouldn't be run with the tools of the late 1990's, or require your team to mix and match multiple services, spreadsheets, and third party websites.

SMS Messaging & Polling

Send up to 180,000 messages per hour to your voter base

Enhance your get out the vote efforts, share your policy positions, solicit donations, or engage them in surveys on voting intent, issues of concern, etc.


Stay on top of things with always up-to-date volunteer reporting.

Not all volunteers are created equal - track in real time those who are meeting and exceeding their outreach goals, and those who need a bit more of a helping hand

Escalation Visibility

Make it easy for your volunteers to ask for help

Your volunteers can quickly and easily escalate issues they encounter with your prospective voters and donors, allowing you to triage your response time.

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We're not just a piece of software. We're here to help make running your campaign, and your constituent management as painless as possible, freeing you up to use your limited time & resources in the most effective manner.

We'll get you set up, provide training for your volunteers, and give you all of the tools you need to run the best campaign possible.