A better way to run your campaign

An all in one suite of tools to make campaign management a breeze. Co-ordinate your volunteer efforts, track all communications with high-impact donors / voters / constituents, and get the insights you need to run your best campaign.

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Manage Smarter

Everything you need to manage your campaign

Whether it's scheduling your outbound SMS campaign, an email campaign, managing your volunteer call schedule, setting up your communication sequences/scripts, or quickly onboarding new volunteers, Election Assistant has you covered.

Your SMS Campaign Centre

Send up to 5,000,000 messages per hour to your supporter base - supporting your get out the vote efforts, sharing your policy positions, soliciting donations, etc.

Single Source of Truth

No more passing around 37 copies of slightly different spreadsheets of prospective influencers, voters, or donors. Your whole team can work with the most up to date data about each of your supporters.

Donation Processing & Reporting

Allow all of your volunteers to easily collect donations from your supporters, enforce individual donation limits, and easily generate donation reports with all the information you need.

Advanced Call Flow Scripting

Give your agents different scripts based on prospective voter demographics, activities, and past call history.

Escalation Visibility

Your volunteers can quickly and easily escalate issues they encounter with your prospective voters and donors, allowing you to triage your response time.

Advanced Filtering For Microtargeting

Leverage your data, no matter how much or how little you have. Create custom filters based on the data you've collected for super targeted, highly effective messaging.

We're Here To Help!

We're not just a piece of software. We're here to help make running your campaign as painless as possible, freeing you up to use your limited time & resources in the most effective manner. We'll get you set up, provide training for your volunteers, and give you all of the tools you need to run the best campaign possible.