Effective, time-sensitive planning is key to any campaign. You need to be able to visualize your data to make good decisions and understand the political landscape that you are working in.

Our Products

Our suite of software has been designed by experienced political campaign managers, activists, business leaders and software engineers to meet your needs.

The Single Source of Truth

The backbone of Election Assistants tools, our single source of truth database structure allows for seamless integration of all your applications, connected through a central program that eliminates the need for time-consuming and risky data imports and merges.

Polling Station Level Analysis

Our HIPO (High-Potential) tool allows you to identify the most important polling stations in any given riding, so that your volunteers and candidate know exactly where to focus their time, efforts, energy and money.

Not only can you find these neighborhoods, you can also assign volunteers optimized walk-routes for them, and identify every contact in your list that lives in these neighborhoods for targetted communication (SMS, email, call center, voice blast, etc) campaigns.

Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteer Coordinator program not only remembers everybody's name with only one meeting but remembers what they like to do, when, where and so much more. Make sure you use your campaign's most important resource – its people – in a way that is fun and rewarding for them.

On the Doorstep

During an election campaign, candidates and their teams will spend hundreds or even thousands of hours knocking on doors. Don't you think you should use a tool designed to maximize your efficiency while ensuring you collect the information needed to mount an effective GOTV campaign? We do. On the Doorstep provides seemly integration of existing lists with regular updates, along with geo-locators, and tools to allow your Voter Contact team to manage your canvasses in real-time.

Candidate Calendar

Where exactly is the candidate, and where should they be? Like all of Election Assistant's applications, the Candidate Calendar is integrated into the Volunteer Coordinator, On the Doorstep and even the Fundraising Made Fun tools so no matter where your candidate is, they know where they should be next, with whom, and wearing what.

Lawn Sign Planner

No more data exporting Excel files and trying to make effective routes for sign placement in Google. Our Lawn Sign Planner will help you manage your inventory, create app-based lists and efficient routes for placement, update the single source of truth in real-time, and ensure you paint the town whatever colour you choose!

Redistricting Services

Nothing stays the same, and that’s certainly true for electoral riding boundaries. Our Redistricting Services update your data when the boundaries change, and allow you to visualize the new polls and their electoral prospects in seconds. Use this service to plan campaigns when things change, or just to refresh your campaign plan with detailed accuracy.

Hubsy Engagement Tool

Designed for the Canadian political and non-profit advocacy markets, Hubsy goes far beyond typical software-based call programs. Hubsy integrates the single source of truth with intelligent dialling and a suite of data management tools that maximizes efficiency for your callers while keeping your campaign on budget.

Fundraising Made Fun

There is no single engagement application that demands more of your database than your fundraising program. Backed by the single source of truth, our fundraising software combines the ease of rich content development and import with the precision of our targeted mailing tools.

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