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About Our Products

Our suite of software has been designed by experienced political campaign managers, activists, business leaders and software engineers to meet your needs.

Many of these tools can be used on their own, but are designed to function together, providing you with seamless integration to help you win your campaign, whether for public office or the public good.

You're a Political Party or Candidate

Congratulations and good luck. You've put your name forward for office, or you are part of a team trying to elect representatives to form government.

You need a purpose-built set of tools to manage voter contracts, track donors, coordinate your volunteers, manage sign distribution, and keep the candidate on track. You've come to the right place.

Have a look at how a single source of truth can change everything.

About Election Assistant

A software developer, a business leader, and a political organizer walked into a bar.

Its no joke. When you bring different political views, skills and experience together what you get is Election Assistant.

Election Assistant and On Target are unlike any other suite of advocacy and electoral software tools in Canada. First, they were designed with the Canadian municipal, provincial and federal electoral systems first and foremost. We didn’t use duct tape and bubble gum to make a suite of US software tools fit the Canadian parliamentary riding system. We build a custom tool for Canadian needs.

Our single source of truth backbone means that the headache of importing and exporting different data files is no longer an issue. It's all-in-one!

About Your Campaign

Election Assistant allows for different levels of sophistication, and different entry points based on your needs experience and expectations.

This isn't just a toolbox.

It's a set of instructions and expert guidance about how to use the tools to accomplish your goals.

I'm Running For Office

If you're running for office, or are managing an election campaign, our suite of software, and expertise in how to use them, could make the difference between winning and loosing.

I'm advocating for a cause

If you're advocating for a cause, building a network, or reaching out to donors, supporters or volunteers, our program can professionalize your experience and give you an advantage to make change in the world.

I'm Running For Office

You're a political campaign, and you want to win. Election Assistant has been developed by Canadians for Canadian political campaigns. Our suite of software is tailored to manage every aspect of a modern election campaign, allowing you and your team to focus on meeting voters, raising money and training volunteers, rather than moving files back and forth between platforms.

Election Assistant is more than just an all-in-one software package; we offer our expertise in managing elections to help you integrate our programs into your air war, ground game, GOTV and candidate management.

Explore how Election Assistant integrates with your campaign.

I'm Advocating For a Cause

Advocating for a cause, and running for office, have many things in common. Big groups of people need to be motivated, volunteers recruited and trained, money raised, time managed effectively, and careful attention to messaging must be paid.

That's why Election Assistant's tools are available to charities, non-profits, and unions as "On Target," our fully integrated, customizable software package designed for groups that want to make positive change. Explore how Election Assistant's On Target integrates with your campaign.

Explore how Election Assistant's On Target integrates with your campaign.

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Let us show what a difference an all in one campaign software suite can make to your advocacy or electoral aspirations.